South Hill Park

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South Hill Park Ambassadors

December 27, 2021

We were thrilled to host our first South Hill Park ambassador meeting on Mon 6 Dec. The scheme was launched to encourage better community engagement with South Hill Park Arts Centre and help us as a charity to learn from community representatives about how we can serve the local people better.

Founder of the scheme, Marketing Campaigns Officer Katie Greet said; ‘It was wonderful to get these passionate and experienced voices in a room together. We spoke about what we at South Hill Park need to continue doing, and what we can look at doing in the future to inspire more to take part. South Hill Park has so much to offer, and the ambassadors are incredibly valuable not only to help us to share this, but to also learn about what we can do better. As an arts centre it is vital that we always look to grow and improve so everyone in our local community can discover the joy the arts can bring.’

The five ambassadors will meet three times a year – around the same time each new season of events is launched. Members of our staff from the arts centre will also attend these meetings. The group will discuss the upcoming programme and feedback how the local community is engaging with us. This will lead to brainstorming ideas to encourage this engagement further.

Overall the Ambassador Scheme will help us to further our vision and mission as a charity. We look forward to seeing how the programme grows overtime. You can read South Hill Park’s Vision and Mission Statement here.