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South Hill Park

RG12 7PA

Autumn Show Auditions at South Hill Park

May 9, 2018

Private Peaceful

Auditions at South Hill Park

“I’ve had nearly eighteen years of yesterdays and tomorrows, and tonight I must remember as many of them as I can. Tonight, more than any other night of my life, I want to feel alive.”

Private Peaceful relives the life of Private Tommo Peaceful, a young First World War soldier, looking back at his short but joyful past growing up in rural Devon: his exciting first days at school; the accident in the forest that killed his father; his adventures with Molly, the love of his life; and the battles and injustices of war that brought him to the front line.

Based on the award-winning novel by Michael Morpurgo (Warhorse) this is a beautifully written play, full of childhood innocence and bravery.

South Hill Park is staging this play in commemoration of the centenary of the end of the First World War.

We are looking for community actors to take part in Private Peaceful which is being directed by Joe Malyan (Macbeth 2017, The Railway Children 2017 and Romeo and Juliet 2018).

This play is taking place in the Wilde Theatre in October 2018. The performances run from Wed 10 – Sun 14 October. The set will be design by Victoria Spearing, costumes by Pamela Wiggin and lighting by Alan Valentine

Character Breakdowns:

Tommo Peaceful (Male 16-25yrs)

Tommo is the young narrator and central character in the play. Even when he is looking back on his childhood he is barely older than a child. As he narrates, he is an under-age English soldier fighting in France, in the First World War. Through his story-telling we witness his life from the start of school, right up until present day as a 17 year old soldier.

Principal role. Actor must be able to portray a variety of ages. A strong story-teller. Actor must be conscientious and sincere, as this as an emotionally demanding role. Role will require a Devon accent.

Charlie Peaceful (Male 16-25yrs)

Charlie is the older brother of Tommo. He is the epitome of what an older brother should represent. Strong and brave, and always looking out for Tommo. He has a strong instinct to protect and also to preserve life, whether hiding Bertha the dog from her brutal owner or saving Captain Wilkes’ life. He loves and marries Molly.

Principal role. Actor must be able to portray a variety of ages. Actor must be conscientious and sincere, as this as an emotionally demanding role. Role will require a Devon accent.

Big Joe (Male 16-25yrs)

He is over-sensitive and easily upset – he is sometimes unable to process or express emotions and feelings and his only reaction is to run from them. The brothers adore him and help their mother in caring for him.

Supporting role. Actor required must handle role with sensitivity and care, like the character himself. Role will require a Devon accent.

Molly (Female 16-25yrs)

Molly is worshipped by Charlie and Tommo alike, and they both fall in love with her. From first meeting, the three form a strong friendship and do everything together. She is a bit of a tomboy herself, and enjoys all the things they do. She is fiercely protective of all the Peaceful brothers.

Supporting role. Actor must be physical and playful. Role will require a Devon accent.

Mother (Female 30-45yrs)

Mother of the Peaceful brothers, she has her hands full! She is exceptionally capable even without the support of her husband, and manages to get Tommo and Charlie out of the most precarious situations with the Colonel. She is incredibly loyal, caring and strong.

Supporting role. Actor must have a strong presence onstage. An emotionally demanding role. Role will require a Devon accent.

Les (Male 16-25yrs)

Son of a rat-catcher and school friend of Tommo. Joins up and serves in the same regiment as the Peaceful brothers.

Supporting role. Role will require a Devon accent. German accent may be required for a second role.

Nipper (Male 16-25yrs)

School friend of Charlie. Joins up and serves in the same regiment as the Peaceful brothers.

Supporting role. Role will require a Devon accent.

Pete (Male 16-25yrs)

School friend of Charlie. Joins up and serves in the same regiment as the Peaceful brothers.

Supporting role. Role will require a Devon accent.

Roles for younger actors:

Young Charlie Peaceful (Male 12-16 yrs) – see Charlie Peaceful

Young Big Joe (Male 12-16yrs) – see Big Joe

Young Molly (Female 12-16yrs) – see Molly

Young Les (Male 12-16yrs) – see Les

Young Nipper (Male 12-16yrs) – see Nipper

Young Pete (Male 12-16yrs) – see Pete

Multi-role ensemble roles:

Mr Munnings/Pilot/Sergeant Major/Captain Wilkes/Haig (Male 25-40yrs)

Mr Munnings is the head teacher at the local school which Tommo and Charlie attend. He is strict and mean.

The pilot is an upper-class chap who gets lost whilst flying. After landing, he is directed back on course by the Peaceful brothers and Molly, and rewards them with a bag of humbugs.

Captain Wilkes treats the men well and is both kind and considerate. Wilkes is shot in No Man’s Land territory and Charlie carries him to safety, saving his life. Wilkes shows his gratitude by leaving Charlie his gold wristwatch.

Haig is the Field Marshall who sentences Charlie to death for cowardice.

Actor must be willing to multi-role a variety of different parts as listed. These roles combined form a substantial role in the play.

Miss McAllister/Grandma Wolf/Toothless Old Lady (Female 40-60yrs)

Miss McAllister is Tommo’s school teacher. She is Scottish. She is fair and caring.

Grandma Wolf is the aunt of the Peaceful boy’s mother. When their mother is forced to work for the Colonel, Grandma Wolf is supposed to care for the boys but her idea of care involves physical punishment and cruel bullying. She seems all too ready to side with anyone against the boys. The boys are the ones who name her Grandma Wolf.

Toothless Old Lady appears at the end of Act One, and bullies Tommo for not wanting to join up.

Actor must be willing to multi-role a variety of different parts as listed. These roles combined form a substantial role in Act One.

Father/Chaplain/Vicar/Estaminet Owner/Guard (Male 30-50yrs)

A smaller ensemble role. Actor must be willing to multi-role a variety of different parts as listed.

Colonel/Sergeant Hanley (Male 40-50yrs)

The Colonel is the local land-owner. At first he seems to be a fairly decent man, offering their mother a job when her husband is killed so that the Peacefuls can stay living on his land. However, after the death of his wife the Colonel, encouraged by Grandma Wolf, becomes a more cruel and brutal man. He circulates rumours that Charlie is a thief. He ultimately appears a cruel character who has the potential to be decent but chooses not to be.

Sergeant Hanley is the first commanding officer that Charlie and Tommo meet when they get to France. He is nicknamed “Horrible Hanley”. He is responsible for some of the worst punishments. A very nasty man.

Actor must be willing to multi-role a variety of different parts as listed. These roles combined form a substantial role in the play

Doctor/Brigadier/German Soldier (Male 20-30yrs)

A smaller ensemble role. Actor must be willing to multi-role a variety of different parts as listed.

Jimmy Parsons/Orderly/Lieutenant Buckland (Male 16-25yrs)

A smaller ensemble role. Actor must be willing to multi-role a variety of different parts as listed. Jimmy Parsons role will require a Devon accent.



Tuesday 3rd July – 6pm-10pm (Read-through)

Saturday 14th July – 2pm-10pm

Tuesday 17th July – 6pm-10pm

Saturday 21st July – 2pm-10pm

Tuesday 24th July – 6pm-10pm

Saturday 28th July – 2pm-10pm

Tuesday 31st July – 6pm-10pm

Saturday 4th August – 2pm-10pm

Tuesday 7th August – 6pm-10pm

Saturday 11th August – 2pm-10pm

Saturday 18th August – 2pm-10pm

Tuesday 21st August – 6pm-10pm

Saturday 25th August – 2pm-10pm

Tuesday 28th August – 6pm-10pm

Saturday 1st September – 2pm-10pm

Tuesday 4th September – 6pm-10pm

Saturday 8th September – 2pm-10pm

Tuesday 11th September – 6pm-10pm

Saturday 15th September – 2pm-10pm

Tuesday 18th September – 6pm-10pm

Saturday 22nd September – 2pm-10pm

Tuesday 25th September – 6pm-10pm

Saturday 29th September – 2pm-10pm

Sunday 30th September – 10am-6pm

Tuesday 2nd October – 6pm-10pm

Thursday 4th October – 6pm-10pm

Saturday 6th October – 7pm-10pm

Production Week:

Monday 8th October 2pm-10pm – TECH

Tuesday 9th October 10am-6pm – TECH

Tuesday 9th October 7pm – DRESS

Please note there are matinee weekday performances



Audition Preparation:

Auditions are by appointment, each lasting 15 minutes.

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your allocated audition time, which will be given to you

once you have emailed the contact below, along with a registration form for you to fill in.

Please specify which role you would like to audition for when emailing Joe Malyan.

Please prepare one monologue of your own choosing, suitable for the piece. You will also

be sent a script extract to learn.

Audition Date – Wednesday 6th and Thursday 7th June 2018

Audition times 6pm-10pm

If you are interested in taking part, please email Joe Malyan at


  1. Judy Ridell

    What a shame you’ve chosen a play with so few roles for women (again), when there is a huge pool of local female talent… Madagascar was great, but the leads were mainly male, now we’ve got Robin Hood and Private Peaceful in prospect. Why not be brave and go for something with an actual female lead for once? If not, at least a show with equal numbers of women and men.

    • Karen Farr

      Dear Judy,
      I have passed your comments on to the relevant programmers.
      Kind regards
      Karen Farr
      Marketing and Publicity Officer

  2. Judy Ridell

    Thank you. As a Member and long-time supported of SHP’s community productions, I really appreciate the incredibly high standard of the shows you produce: the acting, sets, costumes and direction are all fantastic, and I often tell people how lucky we are to have such high-quality theatre on our doorsteps. But there’s always scope to open the experience to an even wider cross-section of local talent.

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