South Hill Park

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Auditions Open for Summer Show

April 24, 2018

Robin Hood: A Musical Celebration, South Hill Park.
In August 2018 South Hill Park will present David Wood’s ‘Robin Hood: A Musical Celebration’. This exciting ensemble piece will be performed in the round with a large cast of all ages who will play many roles. Set at a medieval May Day celebration, the villagers take on many roles to tell classic tales of Robin Hood and his band of Merry Men. There is a strong element of music, dance and slapstick and the production will also involve other local groups and musicians.

Director: Tristan Pate
Musical Director: Tim Cumper
Set Design: Victoria Spearing
Lighting Design: Alan Valentine
Costume: Anne Thomson

  • Important Dates:
    Rehearsals: 27 May – 12 August. Thursdays 6-10pm & Sundays (Various times)
    Production week: Tue 14 and Wed 15 August PM (Techs)
    Thu 16 August – PM (Dress)
    Production dates: Fri 17 – Sun 19 August & Thursday 23rd – Monday 27th August, 12pm and 4pm

Please note the mid-week matinees.
Auditions: Sat 5 May 12noon-6pm.
Auditions will last 20 minutes and are by appointment only. Please email Joe Malyan to book a slot:

Please do not audition if you are unavailable for the majority of these call times.

We would like all actors to prepare the following for their audition:

  • A comic story telling monologue in rhyming verse which features the voices of multiple characters. For instance, one of Roald Dahl’s Revolting Rhymes, or Michael Rosen, Allan Ahlberg, Edward Lear. We’d like actors to pitch their piece as if to an audience of young children and bring the story to life with their physicality and vocal choices. This should last no more than two minutes.
  • A party piece. We want to utilise as many unique skills as we can in this production, so we want to see all manner of weird and wacky talents. This could be anything from playing the spoons to circus skills, acrobatics to stilt walking, puppetry, music, impressions, even medieval stand-up comedy! Think of the silliest thing you could perform on Medieval Britain’s Got Talent.
  • A characterful, up-tempo comic song which tells a story. Again, this should be acted as if to a family audience and can be performed unaccompanied. We want to hear singers of all abilities, especially those who act well through song and connect with the audience. If you are particularly interested in a singing role, please choose material which shows off your vocal range and versatility as a singer. Musicians should accompany themselves where possible.
  • A piece on a musical instrument (optional). If you can sing and play your instrument you can combine your song with your playing, but we would like to hear any musical instrument regardless of experience or skill level. Folk songs preferable but we are happy to hear anything which suits the instrument.

Please note we are not just looking for actor-musicians. If you can’t play an instrument you are still welcome to audition.

Character Breakdowns

Though we won’t be reading scenes from the play in auditions, you may like to read the character breakdowns below and consider which role(s) you may be best suited to. There are lots of characterful ensemble roles for all, these are just some principal roles for you to consider when you select material.

We are interested in seeing male and female actors for most of the main roles and a mix of age ranges too, including juniors.

Robin Hood (Solo Singing Role): Cocky, swaggering and charismatic, Robin is an athletic fighter and archer, on a mission to fight against the greedy Sherriff for the poor of Nottingham.

We are looking for several Robin Hoods of various ages. We are interested in seeing male and female actors for the role.

Sheriff of Nottingham: Bitter and twisted, greedy and malevolent, the Sheriff hates Robin and his band of ‘petty thieves’. A truly rotten villain.

Maid Marian (Solo Singing Role): A fearless and brave outlaw in Robin’s band of Merry Men.

Little John: A huge and aggressive brute with a heart of gold and a kind, loyal nature. 

Guy of Gisbourne: An unpleasant, boastful swaggering coward. In league with the Sheriff.

Allen A’Dale (Solo Singing Role): A gallant merry man and balladeer- we would like to see actor musicians of either gender for this role. Portable instruments such as guitar, accordion, banjo, ukulele preferable, but we’re happy to see anything!

The Fool: A silly, happy-go-lucky court jester type. We would like to see actors of either gender who are adept at clowning, slapstick, tumbling, acrobatics and physical comedy.

Friar Tuck (Some solo lines in songs): A bumbling, clumsy and sweet Friar who likes to eat and drink and stands up to power when he needs to.

Monks, Bishop and Abbess (Singing roles): Snooty upper class clergy who look down upon Friar Tuck and Robin’s Merry Men. Pious and Superior.

We are also interested to hear about any stage combat experience you have, armed or unarmed!

Be sure to audition to join Robin Hood and his band of Merry Men this summer at South Hill Park.