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Ceramics Bridge Course

SHP Bridge
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Karen Marks
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SHP Bridge

A new ceramics video course aimed at beginners to pottery, and those who did some pottery a while ago and would like to return to it.

The course will consist of 3 videos, which you will be able to watch at home, at a time that suits you. Over the course, you will learn some of the basic pottery techniques and create a finished piece of work that will be unique.

In these lessons we use air-drying clay. It works in the same way ordinary clay, without the need to be fired in a kiln.

We hope you enjoy your online video course.

Once you have purchased this course online, we will send you an email with the video links. The pack of materials will be dispatched shortly.

Your kit will contain:
• Airdrying clay
• Toolkit – wooden tool, knife, sponge, wire, rubber kidney, pin, turning tool to tidy, wire, cleanup tool
• Roller guide batons
• Templates
• Texture

You will also need the following:
• Small boards x 2
• Cloths x 2
• Cling film and plastic bag to wrap work
• Small dish of water to use when joining clay
• Small towel / flannel to clean hands
• Wooden spatula or wooden spoon
• Wooden rolling pin
• Items for texture / stamping such as lace, textured wallpaper, pens with unusual shaped ends
• Scales to check weight of clay
• Medium paint brush – size 3-5


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