South Hill Park

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Auditions for the Studio Theatre Company’s production of Hay Fever by Noël Coward

March 23, 2022

Studio Theatre Company Hay Fever auditions

After the success of Rope in June 2021 the Studio Theatre Company returns to the Wilde Theatre stage for a limited run of this hilarious & absolutely classic Noël Coward play, Hay Fever.

Auditions are on Tue 10 & Wed 11 May, 7.15pm. Please contact to book an audition space or for any questions.

Scripts will be available soon.

The production takes place from Wed 21 – Sat 24 Sept 2022 7.45pm on the Wilde Theatre stage, with rehearsals on Tuesdays & Wednesdays starting from Tue 17 May, 7pm, at South Hill Park.

Hay Fever by Noël Coward

Hay Fever is a farcical stage play written by legendary British playwright Noël Coward. Set in an English country house on the River Thames, it blends over-the-top hijinks, satire, and a comedy of manners to present a unique portrait of a wacky and endearing English family. Each of the four members of the Bliss family has invited a guest to stay at the family estate for the weekend. This sets the stage for a series of raucous misunderstandings that only serve to underscore an unspoken but universal fact: There is no such thing as a normal family!


  • Judith Bliss: Female, 40-55
    Mother to Simon and Sorel, wife of David; her life is a performance and she has not adjusted well to country life. She is a recently retired actress, although she still loves to act and keeps insisting she will return to her craft. She invites Sandy Tyrell as a weekend guest.


  • David Bliss: Male, 40-60
    Judith’s husband, Sorel and Simon’s father; a successful novelist who hides away for long periods of time attempting to write his novel. He invites Jackie Coryton as a weekend guest.


  • Sorel Bliss: Female, 18-25
    Daughter of Judith and David, she is educated in the arts; fresh, vibrant, intelligent, and full of life. Nineteen years old and bored with most of life. She invites Richard Greatham as a weekend guest.


  • Simon Bliss: Male, 18-30
    Son of Judith and David; an aspiring artist who is in constant competition with Sorel for Judith’s attention. He invites Myra Arundel as a weekend guest.


  • Myra Arundel: Female, 25-45
    Well-dressed, confident, and sophisticated; invited to the Bliss house by her admirer, Simon.


  • Richard Greatham: Male, 30-40
    Sorel’s invited guest, an English diplomat; somewhat stiff, but likeable and intelligent.


  • Jackie Coryton: Female, 20-30
    David’s invited guest; a young flapper, very sweet but not very bright.


  • Sandy Tyrell: Male, 20-35
    Judith’s invited guest; amateur boxer with a youthful energy and adoring fascination with Judith.


  • Clara: Female, 40-60
    Judith’s former dresser and now her housekeeper; overworked and underappreciated.