South Hill Park

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Arts for all with SHP Bridge

May 21, 2020

South Hill Park is delighted to share that our Emergency Grant application to Arts Council England for delivering a series of online pilot courses in a new programme, SHP Bridge, has been successful.

SHP Bridge is a new strand of digital online creative learning suitable for participants everywhere, distributing cultural content, engagement and learning into people’s homes.

South Hill Park has a long history of delivering successful creative learning and community engagement activities, and delivers over 250 courses and workshops each year. From research we have conducted, we know our audiences face three main barriers to access – cost, transportation and relevance. By consulting with our audience and with the introduction of SHP Bridge, we will help our community overcome these barriers.

SHP Bridge is also a way for us to engage the disengaged and those who are disabled, socially isolated or lonely. Therefore, we are committed to making every video accessible and inclusive.

The principals of ‘Lets Create’ are in the DNA of SHP Bridge. We will utilise digital/new technology to create an online arts education programme which is high-quality, accessible and inclusive.

We hope to bring the best arts and cultural experiences into the homes of people in Bracknell and beyond. By partnering with some of the best specialist tutors in the industry, we will develop creative individuals and subsequently creative communities. At all stages we will take a collaborative approach. The structure, content and style will be shaped by community consultation and input from our practitioners and the accessibility aspects guided by expert partners.

Over the past few weeks we have already run some online courses for some of our students for our regular courses and workshops.

The courses and workshops that are currently taking place include:

  • Jewellery & Silversmithing online with Loucinda Nims
  • Jewellery & Silversmithing online with Jess Noble
  • Get Confident with Oils online with Melanie Paice
  • Further Fun with Oils online with Melanie Paice
  • Drawing & Painting online with Caroline Crawford
  • Tai Chi online with Steve Large
  • One-to-One Singing Lessons online with Alison Horriben

With the Arts Council support we will be able to learn from this pilot during the lockdown and open up to everyone with SHP Bridge. We look forward to updating our community further on the project, so be sure to follow us on social media and sign up to our mailing list, and together we can help to make the arts accessible to all.