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South Hill Park Arts Centre marks World Disability Day with exhibition Life on a Spectrum

November 27, 2019

Tues 3 Dec is World Disability Day, and South Hill Park’s new exhibition Life on a Spectrum (Sat 23 Nov 2019 – Sun 12 Jan 2020) by artist Mahlia Amatina will host a group visit of home educated girls with autism, to celebrate the day and the exhibition. They will also be accompanied around the exhibition with Mahlia herself.

After being diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome in 2015, Mahlia was inspired to share the unique sensory experiences of life on the autistic spectrum through her art. Her newest exhibition Life On A Spectrum is a multi-sensory experience of colour, line, shape, and form through tactile art that explores the creative side of neurodiversity.

Working around the theme of neurodiversity, Mahlia has transformed her signature style of abstract colourism into a unique, interactive, multi-sensory experience that invites viewers to engage on the level that works for them. Life on a Spectrum is an accumulation of work created both in residency in Barcelona, as well as in New York City through the Arts Council England’s Developing Your Creative Practice fund.

South Hill Park Arts Centre has the pleasure of hosting this exciting interactive exhibition. Mahlia uses visual art, writing, videography, and performance art to involve viewers in the exhibition space. Visitors can play an active role in the creative process as they are encouraged to interact with exhibit elements by generating their art using pre-cut magnetic shapes, and leaving responses to questions related to autism-specific traits.

The exhibition evolves, as more reactions are collated and the narrative on neurodiversity continues to grow within the space. Mahlia says that she hasn’t done anything quite so dependent on audience interaction before, so she is excited to see how that pans out!

Mahlia Amatina was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome four years ago, and since then her work has revolved around raising awareness on autism and neurodiversity through her artwork. ‘Life on a Spectrum’ is supported by Arts Council England (ACE)

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