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Auditions for The Tempest 2020

October 10, 2019

Audition Call – William Shakespeare’s The Tempest

We are looking for community actors and singers to take part in The Tempest! This is a play with songs, taking place in the Wilde Theatre from the 4th February to the 9th February 2020.

Audition Date – Monday 4th November 6pm-10pm OR Tuesday 5th November 6pm-10pm. Please specify your preferred audition time when emailing your interest.

The singing auditions will only be on the 4th November.

Rehearsals will take place on Monday evenings and Sundays 10am-6pm in December and then every week night and weekend in January up until production week. You will not be called to for every rehearsal.

Production week dates are as follows:

Saturday 1st February and Sunday 2nd February – Technical rehearsal

Monday 3rd February – Dress rehearsal

Character Breakdown:


Lead role – male/female. Age 40+

The deposed Duke/Duchess of Milan

Non-singing role. Actor must be confident learning lines, and leading the performance with strong stage presence.


An airy spirit bound in service to Prospero and impatient for their release.

Lead role – male/female. Age 16-30

Singing role. Actor must be confident singer and very physical. Dance experience useful.


The savage son of Sycorax. Born on the Island. Slave to Prospero.

Lead role – male. Age 20-40

Non-singing role A physically demanding role.


Prospero’s heir and daughter. Though she has some vague memories of her time at court when she was a toddler, in the main she has no recollection of a life other than being isolate on an island with no company but her father and Caliban.

Lead role – female. Age 16-30

Non-singing role.


Alonso’s son. Cast up on the island after the wreck, he is convinced that his father has drowned.

Lead role – male. Age 16-30.

Non-singing role.


Alonso’s jester. They are a coward and is delighted to have Caliban subservient to them. They have a taste for finery as well as for liquor, and plans to help Stefano become king/queen of the island.

Lead-supporting role – male/female. Age 16-40.

Non-singing role.


Alonso’s butler. They have something of a taste for liquor, and is well-served when they cast up on the shore with a butt of wine that they held onto to avoid drowning.

Lead-supporting role – male/female. Age 16.40.

Singing role. Character sung.


Prospero’s brother/sister. They usurped the throne of Milan from their brother/sister with Alonso’s help, willing abandoning the sovereignty of the Dukedom to Naples.

Supporting role. Age 30-50.

Non-singing role.


Alonso is the King/Queen of Naples. An enemy of Prospero’s, they accepted Antonio’s proposition to help the latter usurp Prospero’s throne in return for Antonio’s swearing Milan’s fealty to Naples

Lead-supporting role – male/female. Age 40+

Non-singing role.


Brother/Sister to Alonso.

Lead-supporting role – male/female. Age 30-50

Non-singing role.

Adrian/Master of the Ship

Adrian is Lord/Lady to Alonso. Master of the Ship runs the ship.

Supporting-role. Male/female. Age 16+

Singing would be an advantage as this role could double as part of the company.


Fransisco is Lord/Lady to Alonso.

Supporting-role. Male/female. Age 16+

Singing would be an advantage as this role could double as part of the company.

Singing Company:

As well as the cast, we are also looking for a singing ensemble, who will be formed of drowned sailors who Prospero is using as slaves. We ideally are looking for 6 singers.

The auditions:

Auditions are by appointment, each lasting 15 minutes.

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your allocated audition time, which will be given to you once you have emailed the contact below. Please specify which role you would like to audition for when emailing.

Please prepare one monologue of your own choosing, suitable for the piece. You will also be sent a script extract to learn.

Anyone auditioning for the singing role, should be prepared to learn and sing a song with Tim Cumper at the audition. They should also prepare one song of their own, which they can sing unaccompanied, or with basic piano accompaniment.

For a PDF download about the production and Audition Call click here

Please email Luke Burton to book your audition.