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The cast of Macbeth 2019 announced

November 15, 2018
Max Puplett - Macbeth

Max Puplett as Macbeth

Toil and trouble is afoot as Macbeth returns to the Wilde Theatre this February 2019. We’re delighted to announce the talented cast reviving Joe Malyan’s 2017 production of this dark Shakespearean classic.

Returning to the stage as Macbeth is Max Puplett who took on this leading role in 2017 and played Mercutio in Romeo and Juliet (2018), “…Hats off to Max Puplett, whose Mercutio seemed to have come straight from the Globe Theatre” – Henley Standard.

Also returning as Lady Macbeth is Laura Hannawin, who “completely embodied [her] character and oozed emotion” – Get Reading.

Laura Hannawin - Lady Macbeth

Laura Hannawin as Lady Macbeth

See the full cast list below:

Macbeth – Max Puplett (Romeo and Juliet 2018, Macbeth 2017) 

Lady Macbeth – Laura Hannawin (Romeo and Juliet 2018, Macbeth 2017) 

Macduff – Jack Fairey (Malcolm in Macbeth 2017, Romeo in Romeo and Juliet 2018)

Banquo – Ashleigh Wells (Baldrick in Blackadder 2017)

Malcolm – Louis Doran (Fleance in Macbeth 2017, Young Charlie in Private Peaceful 2018) 

Ross – Keir Buist (Tommo in Private Peaceful 2018) 

Duncan – Nick Teale (Macbeth 2017) 

Lennox – Alex Daykin

Witches – Heather Wilson, Ellie Tidy, Tabitha Baines

Witch’s Daughters – Amy Wilding and Honey Jones

Lady Macduff – Fran Hems

Seyton – Amber Lilly Paine

Siward – Ellen Kilvington

Young Siward – Morgan Turner

Lady Macbeth’s Attendant – Zoe Clark

Murderer – Sam Gillett

Fleance – Max Booth

Boy Macduff – Logan Knapp

Boy Macbeth – Sam Johnson

William Shakespeare’s Macbeth is in the Wilde Theatre Tue 5 to Sun 10 Feb 2019. Tickets are available here