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Madagascar’s King Julien To Star In Dick Whittington And His Cat

October 11, 2018

Meet Dick Whittington, the poor orphan boy (from Bracknell), with a heart of gold who travels to London to seek his fortune…

Dick Whittington And His Cat is the famous rags-to-riches story, with love, friendship and (of course) a cat along the way. Playing the leading role of Dick Whittington is Michael Aiyotis. Michael has been a regular South Hill Park performer for a number of years, starring as Cat in the Hat in Seussical (2017) and King Julien in Madagascar (2018). This has helped him to grow as an actor, and throw himself into a variety of roles such as his recent portrayal of Charlie Peaceful in Private Peaceful (2018) this Autumn. Dick Whittington And His Cat will be Michael’s debut in a pantomime.

Dick Whittington And His Cat is the only pantomime story that is not a fairytale but based on a real person. So come join us for the festive season and watch the fun-filled story come to the Wilde Theatre bringing laughter, music and a sprinkle of Christmas magic.

Will the streets be paved with gold? 

Will he defeat the dastardly King Rat?

Will he win the hand of lovely Alice? 

Find out in this sparkling production filled with music and mayhem.

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Book your tickets to see Dick Whittington And His Cat at South Hill Park, playing from Friday 30 November 2018 – Saturday 5 January 2019.

We have a relaxed ‘autism friendly’ performance on Tuesday 4 December at 4.30pm and a BSL signed performance on Saturday 8 December at 2pm, plus four adult nights (that’s one more than last year!).

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