South Hill Park

RG12 7PA

Robin Hood’s Medieval Market

August 9, 2018

Next Friday sees the launch of our summer family production of Robin Hood a Musical Celebration. If you are visiting South Hill Park on Fri 17 Aug come along early to visit Robin Hood’s Medieval Market. See below for event details.


  1. Mike Armitage

    I saw this went on till 6pm so thought I’d try to pop along around 4pm after work. I got there just after 4 and found half the stalls were all packed up. One of the stall holders told me that they were told to pack up at 4pm. Another one I spoke to had travelled 120 miles to get here and wasn’t happy that it was such a short day.

    • Andi Nichols

      Hi Mike, thanks for your enquiry. Really sorry to hear that you were not able to see all the stalls at the Medieval Market. Unfortunately, there were two sets of timings for different stall types and that seems to have caused some confusion. The food and craft stalls were all advertised to be packed up by 4pm and it was only the music that was to last until 6pm (although one band had to pull out at the last minute). The BBQ had also sold out of all its food before 6pm so didn’t continue after that. Apologies again and we’ll try to make any closing times clearer in our advertising in future.