South Hill Park

RG12 7PA

New exhibition: Replaced Lives

March 5, 2018

4 local artists, 4 emotive journeys to reclaim lost lives, communication and perspective.

 Bastow, Ingham, Guy-Murrell and Roberts contrast a range of deeply emotive works pursued from personal journeys with diverse perceptions of humanity, communication, replacement and reclamation. From this initial relationship of printmaking being an art form that plays with multiples, duplication and transference, the artists have investigated and determined their own interpretation of the theme replaced lives.

The exhibition has been produced by four local artist printmakers who create work in the South Hill Park print studio. They have applied their own printmaking techniques to paper, textiles and Perspex to produce wall based and sculptural work. The artists have used new and more traditional printmaking techniques that conjure up hidden layers, shapes and textures. As a result each artwork is both unique and original, deliberately created for the part it must play in reflecting intense narratives and changing states of being.

The artists were originally invited by Birkbeck College to create a visual response to the theme ‘replaced lives’ as part of the ‘Replacement Conference’ at Birkbeck College 2017. Works were then exhibited at the Peltz Gallery, London.

Breakfast preview: Saturday 10 March, 10.30-11.30am. All welcome.