South Hill Park

RG12 7PA

Auditions for Madagascar – A Musical Adventure (2018)

October 3, 2017

Dir. Mark Hooper

MD Tim Cumper

Choreography Charlotte Steele

South Hill Park is delighted to announce our 2018 Easter title will be the DreamWorks blockbuster ‘Madagascar – The Musical Adventure’.

Following on from the success of ‘Seussical the Musical’ we will be looking to attract a strong and talented cast of community performers for this ambitious, high-energy presentation.

Aside from Alex, Marty, Melman and Gloria, all other actors will multi-role.

Please prepare one of the audition sides (below)

You will be taught a song at the audition.

Rehearsals will be on Thursdays and Sundays as of the new year.

Auditions – 20 Minute Slots (in small groups)

Monday 23 October 2017, 6pm – 10pm

Thursday 26 October 2017, 6pm – 10pm

Please book your slot via

Character Breakdown

US accents required for ALL characters please.


Alex, the lion, is the main attraction at the Central Park Zoo and undoubtedly “The King of New York City.” He’s fun-loving whose devotion to steak is matched only by his devotion to his friends. We will be looking for a great singer and actor but most importantly, someone who has that magnetic quality of a showman.

Gender: Male / Female

Vocal range top: Eb5

Vocal range bottom: A3


Marty is a zebra with dreams of exploring beyond the confines of the Central Park Zoo and into the wild. We will be looking for a solid singer and actor who also possesses a sweet disposition. The audience want to root for Marty. Marty need to Will need to compliment Alex.

Gender: Male

Vocal range top: D5

Vocal range bottom: A3


Gloria, the hippopotamus, is a bold young lady with a maternal streak that shines when she’s with her three closest friends: Alex, Marty and Melman. This a great part for a performer who can act, sing and who can serve as the caretaker of the group.

Gender: Female

Vocal range top: E5

Vocal range bottom: Eb4


Melman is a kind-hearted giraffe who is a bit of a hypochondriac. He’s always just a little bit nervous, but when it comes down to it, he’ll rise to the situation. Looking for a good singer but most interested in performers who, can carve out this comedic part.

Gender: Male / Female

Vocal range top: Db5

Vocal range bottom: E3


The Penguins are a group of birds on a mission to break out of the zoo and return home to Antarctica. Skipper serves as the captain of the group, giving orders with ease. Kowalski is Skipper’s second-in-command. Rico is the brute of the group and can karate chop anything in sight. Private‘s primary job in the group is to maintain the cute and fizzy disguise. We are looking young performers to place in these roles, ideally 4ft – 4.5ft. Must be great singers, comic actors, and ideally acrobats.

Gender: Both

King Julien

King Julien is the leader of the Lemurs. Looking for a comic actor who can sing, dance, act and has intuitive comedic timing.


Maurice is King Julien’s assistant who is not so welcoming to Madagascar’s new inhabitants. This part is perfect for an actor who can convey distrust and disinterest while still being a powerful second-in-command to King Julien.


The Zookeepers

The Zookeepers introduce the crowds to all the sights and attractions of the Central Park Zoo. Zookeeper Zelda, Zookeeper Zeke and Zookeeper Zoe. Zelda has a large solo in the opening.

Gender: Both

Vocal range top: G4

Vocal range bottom: B3


Mason is a chimpanzee with a bone to pick: though highly intelligent, his species seems to get a bad reputation for being simpleminded, and he takes that quite personally. This is a great acting role for a performer who can make bold choices from the get-go.

Gender: Male

The Lemurs

The Lemurs are a wild band of creatures native to Madagascar trying desperately to avoid being eaten by the cat-like creatures called the Fossa. Mort is the littlest of the Lemurs, who can barely speak. Lynn, Lew, Lee and Lars are fun smaller roles.

Gender: Both

Vocal range top: B4

Vocal range bottom: A3

The Foosa

The Fossa are cat-like predators with an appetite for Lemurs! The Fossa Leader is the biggest and baddest of the Fossa and is feared by most of the creatures in Madagascar. An actor who has a great imagination for creating a larger-than-life creature who can strike fear with one look.

Gender: Both

The Lionesses

The Lionesses are a group of lady lions and Alex’s background singers and dancers. These are great featured roles for dancers.

Gender: Female

Ensemble – General

Camaraman, Candy Hammernose, Passerby, Old Lady, Police Officer #1 and #2, Animal Control Officers, Newspaper Man and Ship’s Captain Camaraman, Candy Hammernose, Passerby, Old Lady, Police Officer #1 and #2, Animal Control Officers, Newspaper Man and Ship’s Captain are all great cameo roles with speaking lines.

Gender: Both

Ensemble – Servers

Servers #1, #2 and #3 are imagined servers in Alex’s dream when he starts to desire meat desperately! Cast three performers who can both dance and sing well and work as a unit well together.

Gender: Both

Vocal range top: D5

Vocal range bottom: D4

Ensemble – New Yorkers and Animals

The New Yorkers and Animals are two separate ensemble groups that are essential for setting up the world of the Central Park Zoo. Remind these groups to be bold, specific and full of energy to kick off the show with a bang!

Gender: Both




(clearing his throat) O for a Muse of fire, that would ascend the brightest heaven of invention, a kingdom for a stage, with princes to act and monarchs to behold the swelling scene! Then should the warlike Harry, like himself, assume the port of Mars; (this is my favourite bit) and at his heels, leash’d in like hounds, should famine, sword and fire crouch for employment. (That was good wasn’t it?) But pardon, and gentles all. The flat unraised spirits that have dared on this unworthy scaffold to bring forth so great an object (as me) can this cockpit hold the vasty fields of France? Listen, has anybody got any steak?


Have you ever wondered? Well I have. About how when I say, say red, for example, there’s no way of knowing if red means the same thing in your head, as red means in my head, when someone says red! And how if we are travelling at, almost the speed of light and we’re holding a light, that light will still travel away from us at the full speed of light, which seems right in a way. What I’m trying to say, I’m not sure. But I wonder if inside my head, I’m not just a bit different from some of my friends. These answers that come into my mind unbidden. These stories delivered to me fully written! And when everyone shouts like they seem to like shouting, the noise in my head is incredibly loud!


Please don’t poke my eyes out! Wait—don’t leave! I mean, unless that’s what you were going to do, poke my eyes out—were you? But otherwise, just, just stay. I—I—I mean, you understand my worrying about that, right?. It’s just—I really am happy to see you. I’m getting a little, well, maybe a little anxious. I don’t know if you can tell, but, I’m kind of a little bit stuck up here. See, I didn’t…really…think that I’d make it this far up. I didn’t really think it through at all. I think that’s my problem. I’ve never really considered myself afraid of heights before, being a giraffe and all, it’s not really the climbing up that scares me. It’s the getting down.


I’m thrilled you all could make it tonight, gentlemen. I know I ask a lot of you, but I hope you all realise, I notice everything. Every tiny smile, every command obeyed, every sacrifice given. You’re my men, and tonight, you’re going to prove it. Now, I want you all to pick up your instruments and line up in—You! Stand up straight, please. I said, stand up! Would you like the whole town to see you in a wrinkled band uniform? Don’t answer, just listen. (pause) Now, form a single line and reflect on your assignment tonight. Remember, you’re more than simply clarinet players or baton twirlers. You have a mission, a purpose—and while you may not be here to witness the difference you make, know that I will. And that’s really what matters most, now isn’t it?



Saturday 07 April 2018 – Technical Rehearsal 10am – 6pm

Sunday 08 April 2018 – Technical/Dress Rehearsal – 10am – 10pm

Monday 09 April 2018 – Dress Rehearsal – 6pm – 10pm

Tuesday 10 April 2018 – Dress Rehearsal – 6pm – 10pm


Wednesday 11 April 2018 4PM – Performance 1

Thursday 12 April 2018 12PM – Performance 2

Thursday 12 April 2018 4PM – Performance 3

Friday 13 April 2013 12PM – Performance 4

Friday 13 April 2018 7PM – Performance 5

Saturday 14 April 2018 12PM – Performance 6

Saturday 14 April 2018 4PM – Performance 7

Sunday 15 April 2018 12PM – Performance 8

Sunday 15 April 2018 4PM – Performance 9