South Hill Park

RG12 7PA

Student Open Exhibition 2017

July 12, 2017

This July, South Hill Park celebrates the creativity of the students on our courses and workshops with a wonderful exhibition of their work. Everyone who contributes to the exhibition forms part of our wider South Hill Park community.

Curator Cat Cooke shared her thoughts on the excitement and anticipation of the event, “In the weeks leading to the hand in date for artworks there is rush of excitement as over 150 works come flooding into the building all wrapped in bubble wrap, bags and some with notes saying ‘still slightly wet’. I receive a flurry of e-mails from students asking questions, being caught by students for 5 minutes in the corridor for discussions of the work which consists of entertaining, heart felt stories about their work… and why they need an extra day to hand it in. This all goes to show how much the work means to them. The courage to show your work if you are confident and have been learning a skill for years is one thing. However the courage to put on display to over 10,000 people an artwork using skills that have just been learnt in 12 hours or the first drawing they’ve worked on since the art teacher said ‘that doesn’t look anything like an apple’ is astonishing. This is a really exciting exhibition with a lot of passion, patience and perseverance held within it. Thank you to all of the tutors, students and everyone who supports them all year round.”

Our Student Open 2017 runs from 8 July – 27 August. To read more, click here.