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Meet the cast of Macbeth!

October 31, 2016


Double double, toil and trouble comes to the Wilde Theatre February 2017. We’re delighted to announce our amazing cast, who’ll be reviving a dark Shakespearean classic before your very eyes on dark winter nights…


Macbeth – Max Puplett

Lady Macbeth – Laura Hannawin

Macduff – Luke Burton

Duncan – Nick Teale

Banquo – Matthew Page

Malcolm – Jack Fairey

Donalbain – Sam Gillett

Ross – Mike Ayiotis

Lennox – James Bruzas

Lady Macduff – Caroline Lovey

Witches – Heather Wilson, Madeleine Pitt, Tabitha Baines

Witch’s Daughter – Amy Wilding

Fleance – Louis Doran

Angus – Pete Hayward

Seyward – Derek Florey

Young Seyward – Alex Daykin

Macduff’s Son – Sam Johnson

Macbeth’s Son – Marcus Moreley

Ensemble – Amber Lily Payne, Hannah Collman,  Amy Ebers, Sophie Pierce, Jessica Cottee