South Hill Park

RG12 7PA

Peter Pan Weather Policy

August 19, 2016
Peter Pan

Our summer promenade show, Peter Pan, launches today and we could not be more excited!  As with all British outdoor events though, the weather is something we have to think about and plan for.  The policy for Peter Pan remains the same as all our previous outdoor productions in that ‘the show will go on’ come rain or shine.  We are therefore strongly advising people attending a performance to come dressed suitably for the weather and prepared for potential showers!

We have put the following guidelines in place to try and ensure a smooth performance:

  • If there is a shower, the performance will go on.
  • If there is a down pour the performance will be postponed temporarily and then continue when/if possible.
  • If the weather is so bad the outdoor parts of the performance can not go ahead, they will be moved indoors
  • It is advisable to come prepared for bad weather.  Umbrellas can be used during the performance.
  • As the field has a tendency to become boggy after heavy rain we suggest bringing your wellies if the performance you’re attending is due to take place following a down pour.