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The Tempest – Blog 4!

July 1, 2016

the tempest

Do you sometimes wonder what actors go through to prepare for a role, especially one that is not human?

Actor Simon Shaw, who plays Caliban in our interpretation of The Tempest, gives us some insight:

I am Caliban, son of the great Sycorax and the powerful god Setobos. Once servant of (spits) Prospero.

Recently I have been introduced to a new master who is kinder and associates himself with a different kind of witchcraft and sorcery, he calls it “Story telling”. In a small box-like room I am summoned to re-enact the events that took part on the magical isle.

The hardest thing being a creature of my kind is that my body is not the same as humans, so finding creative ways for my body to move has been interesting.

It has also been hard to talk due to the fact that I ripped a section of my mouth off. It has made it difficult to find my voice and let my mouth give flight to the words of a man they call Shakespeare…I so do hope I please him.

The role of monster is an enjoyable one; I can image objects, living beasts and strange stuff by looking at my hands. I can make myself magical and childlike then have the ability to scare and disgust at the blink of an eye.

I have enjoyed this journey so far with these performers as I have no oppression and I, Caliban, can be free.

The performers are true and faithful to the characters I have told them about; and I must confess I am happy when around them…we have become a community of oddities. My master is a patient one, who pushes us to do our best without the use of evil magic. I look forward to the tale being told.