South Hill Park

RG12 7PA

The Tempest Auditions

April 4, 2016


the tempest



Audition days:
Wednesday 30th March,  7.30pm-9.30pm
Sunday 3rd April, 11am – 3pm

Terrace Room


Audition by appointment, lasting 10 minutes. Please email to book an audition slot.

For the audition, actors can perform a Shakespeare monologue of their choice or sonnet below.

Casting is open to all and age / sex of characters has not been set.

Rehearsal days:

Thursday evenings from 7.30pm-10.30pm

Sunday mornings from 10am-1pm.

Performance days: Tuesday 19th July – Saturday 23rd July 7.45pm (Saturday matinee 2pm)



Not from the stars do I my judgement pluck; And yet methinks I have Astronomy, But not to tell of good or evil luck, Of plagues, of dearths, or seasons’ quality; Nor can I fortune to brief minutes tell, Pointing to each his thunder, rain and wind, Or say with princes if it shall go well By oft predict that I in heaven find: But from thine eyes my knowledge I derive, And, constant stars, in them I read such art As truth and beauty shall together thrive, If from thyself, to store thou wouldst convert; Or else of thee this I prognosticate: Thy end is truth’s and beauty’s doom and date.


The rightful duke of Milan. After his brother, Antonio, seized his title and property, Prospero was exiled with his daughter and eventually found refuge on an island.

Prospero’s daughter. She has been on the island with her father for 12 years — since she was 3 years old.

Prospero’s younger brother, who is now the duke of Milan. He had plotted against Prospero years earlier and now convinces
Sebastian to murder his brother, the king of Naples.

A spirit of the air, he assists Prospero in seeking retribution over his enemies.

The offspring of the witch Sycorax and the devil. Prospero has made Caliban his servant or slave, and in response, Caliban plots to murder Prospero.

The son of the king of Naples. During the storm, he was separated from the rest of the king’s party, met Miranda, and fell in love with her.

The king of Naples. He believes his son has died and is overjoyed to later find him. Alonso is repentant for the pain he caused Prospero in the past.

Alonso’s brother. He is easily led into planning his own brother’s (the king’s) murder.

An elderly counselor who saves Prospero’s and Miranda’s lives when they are exiled. He provides a sense of hope and optimism when Ferdinand is lost.

The king’s butler. He arrives on the island drunk and quickly becomes involved in a plot to murder Prospero.

The king’s jester. When Stefano arrives with wine, Trinculo joins him in drinking and then agrees to a plot to murder Prospero.

Francisco and Adrian
Two of the king’s lords. They try to offer hope and protection to Alonso.

The ship’s petty officer. He is in charge of the deck crew, the rigging, and the anchor. He must try to keep the boat afloat during the storm, even when the king’s party makes demands upon his time.