South Hill Park

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The Lamellar Project – See the UK Premiere here!

March 24, 2016

Pursued by a Bear (resident company at Farnham Maltings) launch their latest commission – The Lamellar Project – touring to theatres across the South East, Liverpool and London.

It is the near-future and the eco-system is changing, but not for the better. The world is in the aftermath of The Sixth Great Extinction and a couple, both scientists, find themselves living on either side of the Atlantic. They are separated not only by distance but by their differing attitudes to how the world can be saved for future generations, including their own son. Filled with vivid images of locusts dropped from warplanes, strange flowers choking the waterways and wild wolves roaming the English countryside, the play explores the most pressing and crucial issues of contemporary global life – the consequences of climate change and the possible ramifications of genetic modification.

The Lamellar Project spills out beyond the theatre walls and into the digital world. The play involves a live video link between the actors in the UK and Philadelphia and is surrounded by its own eco-system of online stories. I-Genis, the huge bio-tech firm based in the US which features strongly in the story has its own website ( and there will be a short web series (Experiment 01) as a precursor of the show. Anyone interested in the ideas within the show is being invited to contribute their own stories about the Lamellar world – and these will be shared online