South Hill Park

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Luke Brown Dance Fundraising Campaign

January 11, 2016

South Hill Park’s resident dance company Luke Brown Dance are currently fundraising, part of the fundraising efforts offers an exclusive, beautiful set of 6 postcards for sale.

This postcard offer will help the company to raise funds for their Arts Council ‘Grants for the Arts’ application to support the creation of their double bill touring in 2016.

The postcards feature collected images of beautiful hand drawings and watercolour artwork by British fine artist Felicity Cormack, who captured the company during the research and development of Luke’s latest work Princess earlier this year while in residence at Swindon Dance.

Luke Brown Dance’s postcard offer will be based on donations of a minimum of £5, you can purchase the postcards at the South Hill Park Box Office.

Please contact the company for more information on how to donate and purchase the postcards at

Any support would be hugely appreciated!

Keep up to date with the company at