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Reviews are rolling in for Sleeping Beauty

December 16, 2015

The reviews are rolling in for our brilliant — even if we say so ourselves — pantomime, Sleeping Beauty, and each one brings us a little more Christmas joy!

We thought we’d share a few of them with you, just a little more temptation to come along and see the magic for yourselves!


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Terry Adlam from Maidenhead Advertiser called it a “festive phenomenon”. “I don’t know how they do it, but do it they do! South Hill Park’s panto is once again a brilliant, fun packed family seasonal showstopper.”

[vc_testimonial author=”Maidenhead Advertiser” company=””] The standard of the pantos at the Wilde Theatre have always been high over the years, but ‘Sleeping Beauty’ has raised the bar is definitely a must see. [/vc_testimonial]


Francesca Perryman from Get Reading gave it ***** and called it “one to watch“, adding: “Don’t be fooled by the typical cheese associated with pantos – this modern take on a fairy tale classic will have you transported to a magic realm“.

[vc_testimonial author=”Get Reading” company=””] Another fab and funny show for families at South Hill Park; the Christmas pantomime, Sleeping Beauty is certainly one to watch. [/vc_testimonial]


Louise Hill from The Bracknell News called it a “funny and captivating theatre production which had the kids laughing, shouting and up out of their seats” and was “filled with jokes for both young and old“.

[vc_testimonial author=”Bracknell News” company=””] If there was one place it would be hard to nod off at, it’s South Hill Park’s pantomime production of Sleeping Beauty. [/vc_testimonial]


Caroline Cook from Broadsheet Boutique said South Hill Park had “well and truly opened the toy box this year for Sleeping Beauty”. She went on: “With a colourful storybook stage, teddy bears and toy soldiers breaking into song, and surprises dotted around the auditorium, this is a show which could win the heart of its audience on looks alone.”

[vc_testimonial author=”Caroline Cook” company=””] This is a theatre which isn’t just reeling out another pantomime, and it’s clear a lot of hard work has gone into the making. And with the smiles on the faces of children leaning out of their seats to soak up all the magic during the show, it’s clear that hard work has paid off. [/vc_testimonial]