South Hill Park

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South Hill Park Soars To New Heights with Aerial Show ‘Be-Loved’

August 20, 2015

South Hill Park will be swinging out of its comfort zone on September 12th and staging the captivating and innovative aerial production Be-Loved, by one of the UK’s most exciting aerial theatre companies, Scarabeus Theatre. The audience can expect a matchless experience from this show, which incorporates a unique piece of bespoke equipment: a 7m Chinese Pole with a rope-built den structure suspended above, allowing ground breaking movement by the performers.

Be-Loved was inspired by Angela Carter’s short story The Tiger’s Bride, a subversive re-imagining of the Beauty and the Beast fairy-tale. It portrays the intense emotions of first love with spectacular physical aerial performances against the back-drop of a visually striking set.

Scarabeus Theatre Company have been delighting audiences worldwide for over 25 years with their exhilarating multi-disciplinary theatrical performances which combine narrative with astonishing physical and visceral energy. With their international reputation for creating beautiful indoor and outdoor shows this is a unique opportunity to witness such a show at South Hill Park.

[vc_testimonial author=”Owen Calvert-Lyons” company=”The Point in Eastleigh”] The athleticism of the performers was matched by their elegance of movement…… [/vc_testimonial]