South Hill Park

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Gateway Public Art Commission Winner Announced

June 25, 2015

Artist Samuel Zealey has been announced as the winner of the Gateway Public Art Commission, which was set up to find a piece of artwork to display on the roundabout outside Bracknell’s train station.

Nearly 900 people voted over the two month period, with Samuel Zealey emerging as the winner. His work was described by voters as ‘original’, ‘striking’ and ‘pioneering’. His piece is looking to be installed at Bracknell’s train station this Autumn.

I am so thrilled to have been voted the winner for the Bracknell Public Art Commission and I look forward to working with the fantastic team at South Hill Park and Bracknell Forest Council on workshops and the sculpture project at hand. I think it is important to make thought-provoking public sculpture that deals with ideas that are refreshing and current in the 21st century. I would just like to say a quick thank you to all that voted for this piece to become a reality and I hope that the sculpture will be warmly accepted by the Bracknell community.” – Samuel Zealey



The artist’s design sees a layered infrastructure emerging from a bedrock, which appears to reside at ‘tipping point’. With references to a recognisable, well-loved family game, the sculpture is as playful and familiar as it is beautiful. The design relates to Bracknell primarily through regeneration – the idea of progress (the continuous building of the structure) and a tipping point, leading to a new process of building. The layers represent a visual history as it starts with archaic materials representing Bracknell’s prehistoric human occupation (e.g granite and other stones) and develops systematically through the layers to newer materials higher in the structure such copper, steel, aluminium and hardened glass.




Vincent Paliczka, Director of Environment, Culture and Communities at Bracknell Forest Council said: “As the regeneration of Bracknell Town Centre forges ahead, the installation of an original art work is not only timely but also wholly appropriate given the artistic basis of the piece is that of regeneration. It is equally exciting to note that visitors to Bracknell town will be welcomed by a spectacular work of art which had the greatest level of public support through our public consultation process”