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Sweeney Todd ­‐ Auditions Call

June 4, 2015

Sweeney Todd ­‐ Auditions Call

South Hill Park is looking for community actors to take part in Sweeney Todd – The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, which will take place in the Wilde Theatre from Tuesday 9 February 2016 to Saturday 13 February 2016.

Directed by Mark Hooper and Casey Jay Andrews 

Musical Director Tim Cumper

Set Design Victoria Spearing

Audition date – 27 and 28 July 2015 from 6.30pm onwards


Character Breakdown: Parts will be cast blind of race and age.

Sweeney Todd – (open to anyone over the age of 18). Once a kind, loving and energetic young man, now broken and seeking revenge. A slow descent to complete darkness. Brooding and intense. BARITONE (High Note F4 Low G Sharp 2).

Mrs Lovett – (open to anyone over the age of 18). Manipulative and without conscience. She sets the stage of Sweeney’s downfall. Amoral. Bold. Provacteur. Also provides the comic relief. Cockney. ALTO (High Note E5 Low F Sharp 3)

Anthony – (open to anyone over the age of 16). Honest, idealistic, kind, handsome, trusting. Naive. Could be seen as a reflection of what Sweeney was like before he got sent away. TENOR (High Note F Sharp 4 Low C3)

Johanna – (open to anyone over the age of 16). Beautiful and charming. Kept prisoner by the Judge desperately dreaming of freedom. Sweeney’s child. SOPRANO (High Note A sharp 5 Low C4 – Middle C)

Toby – (either a child performer under 16 or a young adult – would like to see options for both, this part may be cast as two actors performing alternate shows). Young, innocent but strong willed and strong minded. Fearless. Bright. Orphaned. Sweet and kind. TENOR (High Note G4 Low B2 – transposed perhaps to fit age/range cast)

Judge – (older 30+). Ruthless. Cruel. A well respected judge on the outside, on the inside a wicked and evil man. Should have an intimidating presence. Taller the better. BARITONE (High Note F4 Low B2)

Pirelli – (open to anyone over the age of 18). Charming. A showman. Pretends to be Italian really he is Irish. Well dressed. Smart. Proud. Deceptive. TENOR (High Note F Sharp 4 Low G Sharp 2)

The Beadle – (open to anyone over the age of 18). Immoral. Lecherous. The Judge’s loyal servant. Repulsive. TENOR (TBC)

Chorus – (16+) 10-15 spaces for chorus parts. Demanding vocally and used frequently throughout the entire performance. Looking for a good vocal balance.


Rehearsals will take place mostly on Sunday’s and Monday’s. Where possible, we will only call you when required.

Download the full schedule from here.

Auditions are by appointment only, please email the contact below to confirm your slot. There will be a group singing audition followed by individual acting auditions. You will be sent sides along with your confirmed singing/acting time slot.

If you’re interested in taking part please email Joe Malyan (Technical Manager) at