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Fawlty Towers 2 Cast Announced!

June 24, 2015

Following the huge success of Fawlty Towers in 2013, the Fawltys will be back on the Wilde stage from 23 to 25 October in Fawlty Towers 2 in three different episodes: Gourmet Night, The Kipper and the Corpse and The Wedding Party.

We are ecstatic to welcome back the following actors who will be reprising their roles:

Sybil Fawlty Lisa Renals
Basil Fawlty Ian Crump
Polly Laura Hartley
Manuel Luke Burton

We are equally excited to welcome the following actors playing these running characters:

Miss Tibbs Nikki Bevan
Miss Gatsby Maxine Robinson
Major Gowen Beverley George

Gourmet Night sees Basil organising a new gourmet evening at the hotel to try to “improve their clientele”. The new chef Kurt seems very likeable and friendly, perhaps over-friendly when it comes to Manuel… on the big night, when Kurt gets so drunk that he cannot cook, it is up to Basil to source the main course from his friend and restaurateur André. The usual mayhem ensues when Basil’s car breaks down while returning to the hotel with dishes of duck, and the staff try to stall for time.

Kurt Huw Mordecai
Mrs Hall TBC
Mr Twitchen Bill Hefill
Mrs Twitchen Sarah Hill
Ronald Heath Charlie Penn
Mrs Heath Clare Jacklin
Mr Heath TBC
Colonel Hall Jim McClure
Mrs Hall TBC
André Chris Rees (Quiller)

In The Kipper and the Corpse, a hotel guest has died in his sleep but Basil does not notice when he brings him breakfast. Basil complains that the guest was very rude and did not thank him, but Polly then realises why. Basil thinks the out-of-date kippers from his breakfast have killed the guest and tries to move the corpse out of the hotel without being seen by other guests. Things get out of hand of course and soon Basil has to deal with a corpse, an unconscious Miss Tibbs and a Shih Tzu dog that is ill from eating pepper and tabasco sauce!

Dr Price Phil Campbell
Mr Leeman (corpse) Chris Rees (Quiller)
Terry (Chef) Toby Adams
Mr Zebedee Neil Hodgson
Miss Young Suzanne Kaps
Shih Tzu (Lap dog) TBC
Mrs Chase Kim Halliday
Gentleman Guest TBC
Lady Guest Nadia Strilciw
Mr Xerxes TBC
Mr White Tony Collins
Mrs White Clare Jacklin
Mr Ingrams TBC

In The Wedding Party, Basil’s prudish morals are put to the test when Jean and Alan, seemingly unmarried, try to check into a double room. Mr and Mrs Lloyd, who are Jean’s mother and stepfather, also check into the hotel as they are all going to a wedding. Basil mistakenly thinks that there are hanky-panky goings-on among Jean, Alan, guests Mr and Mrs Lloyd and even Polly. To top it off, another guest Mrs Peignoir has been putting on the moves on Basil. Oh what a night!

Mrs Peignoir Sarah Bouche de Vitray
Jean Joanna Francis
Alan James Dance
Mr Lloyd Christopher Walker
Mrs Lloyd Melanie Sherwood
Richard Turner (Polly’s boyfriend) TBC
Male Customer TBC