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Rave Reviews for Star-Crossed Lovers

February 20, 2018

South Hill Park’s adaptation of Shakespeare’s timeless romance, Romeo and Juliet, opened to audience members’ and critics’ unanimous approval. With rave reviews from local and regional newspapers as well as wonderful praise from our visitors, parting truly was such sweet sorrow!

Romeo and Juliet share a clandestine kiss.

“The multi-functional set designed by Victoria Spearing was breathtaking and the cast performed at a West-End standard. The singing ensemble was made up of beautiful voices, their contribution worked so well with the production, building suspense and adding to the whole show. Romeo and Juliet played by Jack Fairey and Laura Hannawin respectively were the perfect choice for the star crossed lovers.” – Get Bracknell/In Your Area


Mercutio and Benvolio in a battle of wits.

“Thanks for a great evening! Our students loved Mercutio and Benvolio!” – Waingels College, Twitter

“An intense and moving performance.” – Bohunt School, Twitter

“Year 8 loved Romeo and Juliet last night.” – Eagle House, Twitter


Tybalt and Mercutio face off.

“I found director Joe Malyan’s adaptation absolutely mesmerising. At times, I forgot I was watching Shakespeare, it felt so modern. Supported by a very strong and faultless cast and chorus, this production really proved to me that one doesn’t necessarily need to go to The Globe or Stratford to see Shakespeare at its best, when we have it here on our own doorstep.” – Maidenhead Advertiser/Slough Express


The ensemble dance at the Capulet Ball.

“All the cast were fantastic.” – Lorna, Facebook

“A stunning performance and interpretation of this wonderful play. The crowing glory, unexpectedly, was the musical score – a touch of genius to link everything together… I look forward to more next year.” – Alistair, Email

“An amazing production. Would thoroughly recommend!” – Michelle, Facebook


Juliet confides in her Nurse.

“Laura [Hannawin] brought us a fresh-faced Juliet, optimistic having found love. Jack [Fairey] breathed new life into a lovelorn, defiant and utterly believable Romeo. This production was a moving meditation, bringing us Shakespeare’s treatise on the nature of predestination. With Macbeth set to make a return in spring 2019 — with many portents on the horizon — long may these spectacular works continue.” – Henley Standard


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