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South Hill Park’s Relationship and Work with Schools

South Hill Park has a strong and enduring commitment to providing artistic opportunities for young people from every walk of life. We strive to afford schools the chance to enrich their students lives by providing high-quality and engaging artistic opportunities for young people of all ages.

We have found that the arts can be a powerful way to re-engage disaffected or challenging students by providing them with a unique social and creative environment in which they are free to express themselves and explore new ideas.

We also help schools to fulfil their requirement for students spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.

We are always finding new ways of engaging with young people combining education with the arts, providing opportunities for young people both at South Hill Park and in school facilities.

Below are just some of the ways we currently work with schools:

  • Bespoke workshops and classes in schools and at our venue
  • Romeo & Juliet and Macbeth workshops in schools to coincide with South Hill Park productions
  • Free tours of the Arts Centre and Wilde Theatre
  • Free talks with industry professionals and internal staff
  • A revised pricing system to make the best work affordable for school trips (£9 tickets available for schools for many productions)
  • Provide workshops and Q and A sessions with visiting and touring companies
  • Provide pre and post show discussions with Directors and Producers of in house productions

As part of our new initiative to provide further options for schools to engage with us, we now offer two Shakespeare Workshops that are delivered in schools, by a professional facilitator, covering either Romeo & Juliet or Macbeth. These are designed to explore the themes and characters within the texts through drama techniques and language exploration. The workshops have been created to further young people’s knowledge and understanding of the plays whilst learning skills in drama and movement.

For further information on the workshops or to book, please contact Fran Hems our Coordinator of Learning and Participation at

Please feel free to download one of our educational resource packs:

The History of the House – Primary School Edition

Creating & Producing a Production – Secondary School Edition

South Hill Park is always on the look out for new ways to collaborate and engage with schools and is always open to suggestions. If you are a teacher or a representative for a School/University/Education Establishment of any kind and would like to discuss potential ideas, we would love to meet you.

Please contact our Associate Director of Learning and Participation, Mark Hooper or our Coordinator of Learning and Participation, Fran Hems