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South Hill Park’s Provision for Schools

Please note, South Hill Park’s schools provision is currently suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic

Inspiring and enriching the lives of young people through the creative arts.

South Hill Park has a strong commitment to providing artistic opportunities for young people from every walk of life. We strive to afford schools the chance to enrich their students lives by providing high-quality and engaging artistic opportunities.

South Hill Park can also help your school to stand out from the crowd and enhance your requirement for students spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.

By combining education with the arts, we are always finding new ways of engaging with young people – providing exciting learning opportunities here at South Hill Park and by visiting schools. We work with some of the best companies, artists and creative tutors in the industry who share a desire to inspire young people through the creative arts.

Below are just some of the ways we work with schools:

• Bespoke workshops and classes – in schools and at our venue.
• Romeo & Juliet, The Tempest and Macbeth workshops in schools, to coincide with South Hill Park productions.
• Tours of the Arts Centre and Wilde Theatre.
• Talks with industry professionals and South Hill Park staff.
• Ticket discounts to make the best work affordable for school trips (£9 tickets available for schools on many productions).
• Provide workshops and Q&A sessions with visiting and touring companies.
• Provide pre-show and post-show discussions with directors and producers.


We now offer three Shakespeare Workshops that are delivered in schools, by a professional facilitator, covering Romeo & Juliet, The Tempest or Macbeth. These workshops explore themes and characters within the texts through dramatic techniques and language exploration. They’re also designed to help further young people’s knowledge and understanding of the plays whilst learning skills in drama and movement.

For further information, or to book, please contact Fran Hems, Learning and Participation Coordinator, at

Education packs – coming soon to download.

South Hill Park is always on the look out for new ways to collaborate and engage with schools and is always open to suggestions. If you are a teacher, or a representative for a School/University/Education Establishment of any kind, and would like to discuss potential ideas, we would love to meet you.

Please contact our Associate Director of Learning and Participation, Mark Hooper or our Coordinator of Learning and Participation, Fran Hems

Click here for a PDF of South Hill Park’s Schools and Group Bookings Policy