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Gemmology Day

Sat 23 Mar 2024
Soane Room
Sally Spencer
Ability Level:
Running Time:
7 hours

A busy and fun day discovering more about gemstones! This one-day workshop introduces you to the sparkling world of gemstones, before we look at gemstone durability and what this means for jewellers. You’ll also find out how to use a 10x loupe and tweezers to look at gemstones and any potential vulnerabilities they may have.

You’ll have a brief overview of how gemmologists identify gemstones, while trying some of the equipment for yourselves, as well as finding out why correct gemstone ID is so important. We look at synthetic gemstones, imitation gemstones, gemstone treatments and composite gemstones and why jewellers need to be aware of these, before exploring a buyer beware little shop of horrors!

Who wouldn’t want to spend a day immersing themselves in the fascinating world of gemstones…

This workshop is suitable for any jeweller (regardless of experience, as it is all about the stones rather than the type of jewellery you make), as well as anyone who loves gemstones and jewellery and would like to find out more about them. It is a mixture of theory and lots of hands-on gemstones so that you can see and experience some of this for yourself.

Information for students
If you have a copy of Jewellers’ quick reference guide to working with gemstones, please do bring it with you (it isn’t essential for the workshop, but you will be able to refer to relevant pages as we go through the day).

Please bring reading glasses if you use them. If you wear varifocal or bifocal glasses and have a pair of prescription reading glasses, you may find it easier to use those rather than your varifocals or bifocals when using a loupe.

A pen and paper may be useful in case you would like to take notes.

About the tutor
Gemmologist and jeweller Sally Spencer is the author of the Jewellers’ quick reference guide to working with gemstones, written specifically for jewellers to live on their bench and answer any “should I do this” questions when working with gemstones.

A Fellow of the Gemmological Association of Great Britain and holder of both their Gemmology and Diamond diplomas, Sally now concentrates on sharing her gemstone knowledge and passion with fellow jewellers through her book, writing and classes to help them discover more about the gemstones they work with.


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Sat 23 Mar 2024
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