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Artificial Perspectives: A Half-Century of British Expression

By Joel Bondoux
Sat 18 Nov 2023
Sun 7 Jan 2024
Grand Staircase Projection
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Artificial Perspectives: A Half-Century of British Expression

Artificial Perspectives: A Half-Century of British Expression invites you on a journey through 50 years of British art, curated by state-of-the-art AI tools. This exhibition explores the nuances of artistic expression through the lens of artificial intelligence, pushing the boundaries of creativity. Experience the alchemy of technology shaping art, from generic prompts to AI created intricate instructions, resulting in a dynamic canvas of evolution. Delve into the synthesized narratives where AI collaborates with minimal human intervention, offering a fresh perspective on the intersection of code and canvas.

With a history of technical theatre, Joel’s experience creating art came from crafting set pieces and editing digital animations. His first animated exhibition opened in 2007, though it wasn’t until the recent global pandemic that he gave himself time to explore the creative process.

Fishnets & Feathers showcases works which are predominantly digital, with the occasional use of sketches and the manipulation of photographed materials. The recent advent of AI tools has brought a new realm of possibilities for artists and experiences for participants. Much of Joel’s exploration involves the intricacies of AI manipulation on the creative process.

Artist: Joel Bondoux

With a background in technical theatre, Joel began his creative journey with the construction of set pieces & props and the editing of digital animations for live performance. In 2007, his first animated exhibition debuted at The Gallery in sketch, London. Yet, it was not until the pandemic that he truly allowed himself the time to delve into the creative process and open his own creative studio: Fishnets & Feathers – a callback to his theatre days.

In 2022, the artistic experimentation of digital forms really began, incorporating sketches, manipulated photographic materials and 3D work. However, the emergence of AI tools in recent times has opened new possibilities for artists, influencing their exploration into the intricate and disruptive impact of AI manipulation on the creative process. It is the blend of human creativity and technical advancement that drives much of his work.

Free - No need to book
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