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Random Acts Presents is a joint initiative between Arts Council England, Channel 4 and five film organisations, working together to commission and support young artists and filmmakers to make short films.

South Hill Park Cinema is delighted to be taking part in this exciting project by showing selected shorts before features.

Additionally, throughout the year Young People are invited to engage with the visual arts exhibitions programme and further opportunities to showcase the creativity of local schools and community groups. For more information contact Cat Cooke Exhibition Coordinator: cat.cooke@nullsouthhillpark.org.uk

The short films we’re showing are listed below with screening dates and some information about each. All short films are appropriate to the feature they’re showing alongside.

We’d love to know what you thought about the shorts – download a feedback form here Visitor survey and hand in to the Box Office.

Fri 30 March 7.30pm
Order in the Court
Dir. Rebecca Doctor, 3 mins, Midlands Region
A barista tries to be a barrister for the day and ends up making a mocha-ry of the courtroom.
Filmmaker Bio: Rebecca Doctor is a 22-year-old filmmaker from Herefordshire. She is inspired by many things from good films to really bad films from the 80’s, to art and, most importantly, puns.

Tue 3 April 7.30pm
Dirs. Sam Jones/Pip Watkins, 3 mins, North region
Performed by the brilliant Kate Collins, Skin tells the story of a drum-obsessed teen called Mark through music, 2D animation and spoken word poetry. Created by 17-year old director-animator duo, Sam Jones and Pip Watkins.
Filmmaker Bio: Sam and Pip are both filmmakers who originally met at the BFI Film Academy at Cornerhouse in Manchester.

Fri 6 Apri; 7.30pm
All That Is
Dirs. Camille Summers-Valli/Wessie du Toit, 3 mins, London Region
An intimate exploration of love and its role in the lives of five individuals.
Filmmaker Bio: Camille Summers-Valli and Wessie du Toit are filmmakers living in London.