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September 19 (Saturday) - November 1 (Sunday)



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Making Connections

By Tineke Bruijnzeels and Cally Trench

An exhibition to be experienced at South Hill Park Mansion Galleries, with an online presence that complements the physical exhibition. You can view Cally’s online exhibition here.

Exhibition Dates:  Saturday 19 September – Sunday 1 November 2020 during SHP opening times.

Preview: Thursday 24 September, 5.45pm-8pm. Book here.

‘In conversation’ between artist Cally Trench and South Hill Park curator Loucia Manopoulou: Saturday 17 October, 11am – 12noon. Book here.

Curator’s Tours: Tuesday 6 & Saturday 17 October, 1pm-2pm, and Thursday 22 October, 2pm-3pm. Book here.

One-way System
There will be signage in place to help guide visitors around the building. To make your way to the exhibitions, visitor are asked to enter through the main glass doors, up the Grand Staircase and left along the corridor past Studio 3 and Silversmithing, then down the back staircase and back along the Studio Gallery. You will then carry straight on through the reception area and the Tall Hall into the Mirror Gallery, then through to the Wilde Foyer and exit through the Foyer doors.

Please book your free ticket for the above events in advance.
For more information on the Making Connections exhibition, preview and other events please email
Wearing of masks in now mandatory inside galleries in England.

An exhibition of photographs, sets of drawings and short films about connections, both visual and human, in which you are invited to discover linkages and enjoy multiplicity, pattern and repetition. At the heart of the exhibition are two photographic projects: Tineke’s Circle and Cally’s Artists’ Hands, which were first presented side by side each week on Cally’s website.

For years Tineke has been noticing visual links, especially in nature. She is amazed at how the wind shapes clouds, and how water shapes sand and snow.  The connection needs to be a visual one: shape, colour, rhythm or composition. Very different things can look similar: the trunk of a tree can look like a pattern on a beach.

For Cally, hands are as individual and as expressive as faces. When taking the photographs, she looks for a characteristic or revealing gesture, pose or action. This fascination with hands started with her drawing her own, and observing their variation, flexibility and character. Nine of these lifesize drawings – in which she draws her right hand with her left hand and vice versa – are included in the exhibition.

Tineke’s drawings reveal more of her interest in the obsessive following of rules that she sets herself. Her Untitled drawings obey very strict restrictions: working within a 12 x 12 square, using an 8B pencil to draw only simple lines.

‘In Conversation’ between artist Cally Trench and South Hill Park Curator Loucia Manopoulou
Saturday 17 October, 11am – 12noon
Recital Room

Join us to discuss how contemporary art experience is changing in the Covid-19 era, where online platforms are delivering artists’ responses with unprecedented speed. The focus of this conversation will be the importance of seeing art in reality and not just on a screen. However, the discussion will also highlight how technology opens up possibilities for art to be experienced by a wider audience.

Click here to book.

Tineke Bruijnzeels, an artist from the Netherlands, and Cally Trench, an artist from England, first met on their Fine Art BA, and have previously worked together on two year-long drawing projects. 

Tineke Bruijnzeels’s art practice varies from installations to minimalist drawings and layered paintings. After living in several countries over the last 29 years, Tineke Bruijnzeels now lives and works back in the Netherlands.She has a BA in Graphic Design and Advertising from Academie voor Beeldende Kunsten Rotterdam (now Willem de Kooning Academy), and a BA in Fine Art from BCUC (now Buckinghamshire New University). See more of Tineke’s work on her website, or visit her Instagram page.

Cally Trench is an artist whose work includes drawings, short films and board games. One of her concerns is with the human body, and she makes drawings of her own and other people’s faces, bodies, hands and feet. Cally has an MA in Fine Art from Central Saint Martins. She lives and works in Buckinghamshire, England.

Tineke Bruijnzeels:
Cally Trench:

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