March, 2021

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March 27 (Saturday) - June 30 (Wednesday)



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Feeling the Beat: Painting Music, Poetry and Dance

Virtual Exhibition

Feeling the Beat: Painting Music, Poetry and Dance is a collaborative project which will culminate in a visual art exhibition. The exhibition initially to be displayed virtually on the South Hill Park website, starting 27th March 2021, and in 2022 an interactive installation of large abstract paintings will be displayed in the Mansion Galleries. Visual Artists Chris Holley and Aurélie Freoua are creating large paintings to express their response to a wide range of music genres and poetry. This interactive exhibition will be complemented by events of ‘live’ painting and contemporaneous musical performances, in front of audience.

The virtual exhibition will be complemented by painting music workshops at South Hill Park in June. More information to follow soon.

Aurélie Freoua is a London based French visual artist and abstract painter. Aurélie first gained a Master of Science in Mathematics and Economics in Paris before moving to the UK where she achieved an MA in Fine Art at London’s University of the Arts. A large part of Aurélie’s vivid and vibrant painting practice expresses music as a result of her three year collaboration with London’s Vortex Jazz Club.

This has led her to what she describes as ‘an amazing multidisciplinary journey – one that involves her in events creating music and art simultaneously with musicians improvising and artists using similar sonic and visual approach. Her extensive ‘live painting’ also sees her working with dancers/ body painting and much performative work.

Notably she has improvised live painting in response to music in the 2017 and 2019 London Jazz Festivals and curated and performed in multidisciplinary, experimental and immersive live ‘Résonances’ performances, merging visual art, musical performances, poetry and dance. She also created a full-scale mural painting ‘Misterioso’ (7m20 x 5m50) in Shoreditch as backdrop for ‘The Dancing Wall’ performance. Her work is held in private collections in London, New York, Paris and Nice.

Chris Holley is an abstract/figurative visual artist and painter based in the Thames Valley. The vast body of Chris’ practice relates to elements of dance and music. This is due to her long and deep involvement with dance, music and choreography. As an established dancer and choreographer she has performed on stages large and small, including The Albert Hall and the Wilde Theatre. A graduate in Fine Art from UCA Farnham, her abstract ‘music’ paintings express her response to all genres of music: think colours, composition, contrast, textures, rhythms and patterns – all these apply to art, dance and music and endlessly feed into the creative impetus in her visual art.
In 2015 she was selected for an international murals residency (Graniti Murales) and created a full-scale ‘dancing wall’ in Sicily. She was also UK winner of Art Jazzed Up international competition to create a CD cover inspired by a newly released jazz CD. Since graduation in Fine Art, she has exhibited widely, her art now featuring in private collections in UK, Spain and the USA.

You’ll find her writings on The Impact of Diaghilev and Ballets Russes on 20th century visual and performance arts in the National Library of Art at London’s V&A, as well as in the archives of other major arts bodies here and overseas. She now delivers an accessible talk and vivid slide show on this absorbing subject.

Aurelie performing and painting live on plexiglas in response to music during 'Resonances'

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