July, 2021

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July 10 (Saturday) - October 2 (Saturday)



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Beyond Trauma

Lynn Hamilton and Tara Kennedy

The following events are FREE but booking is essential.

Evening reception Thu 8 July, Coach House 6-8pm – Book here
Morning coffee Sat 10 July, Recital Room 11am-1pm – Book here
Please see event invitation for more information.

Beyond Trauma brings together textile artist Tara Kennedy and creative writer Lynn Hamilton to communicate the impact of trauma.

This exhibition attempts to raise the awareness of different manifestations of trauma. It examines how a creative response to trauma, with a special focus on PTSD driving stereotypes, could enable us to imagine a better world with imagination, hope and tenacity.

The exhibition includes existing works ranging from textile sculptures, and a film demonstrating the making process, to a display of a researcher’s desk including personal notes, books, and to fiction literature and audio. Alongside existing work the textile artist and creative writer came together to create new work to respond to each other’s practice.

Audio Short Stories

That Was Yesterday

Sleep Interrupted

Looking at Hope Emerging

Textiles Tara Kennedy
Tare Kennedy creates soft sculptures and wall hangings as well as detailed drawings. These drawings provide an alternative viewpoint and compliment her 3D work. She is using the imagery of cages, bundles and wrapped forms with knots expressing tension, wrapped bundles conveying unity and cages suggesting protection.

Kennedy’s textile work started from a need to express the unity of her mixed cultural heritage. The feeling of despair a result of conflict of different cultures and religions suffering was Kennedy’s drive to communicate messages of acceptance, empathy and hope. Her work is about creating expressions of hope emerging from this pain.

The materials are chosen for their tactile quality, seeking to create a comforting feeling. They include yarns, threads and fabrics and involve techniques of knitting, wrapping, felting, knotting and stitch. Process is significant as it references therapeutic, meditative and calming practices, while the coloured yarns provide a metaphor to show the transformation from the blood spilt and pain of suffering through graduated tones to ivory conveying hope.

Creative Writer Lynn Hamilton
Lynn Hamilton is a writer with 30 years’ experience in medical education and an MA in Creative Writing. She is currently in the final year of a PhD looking at how the representation of war neuro-sis has shifted in fiction: from shell shock playing a part in communicating the impact of trauma on masculinity and the human psyche to PTSD driving stereotypes such as the broken hero. Her short stories, looking at the multidimensional perspectives of PTSD beyond the battlefield, are a creative response to this research.

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