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Wilde Young Producers (Formerly known as Missed Out)

Missed Out will return in September as a new course called Wilde Young Producers. The group will meet fortnightly to learn skills in event organising, marketing, budgeting and working with children. The course will culminate in the group coordinating South Hill Park’s children’s Arts Festival called MOLE!

The course is free to attend and is designed for 15-20 year olds with an interest in the arts.

To book on to the trial workshop/audition on the 17th September 2018 please email Fran Hems, Coordinator Learning and Participation, Fran.hems@nullsouthhillpark.org.uk

For any queries regarding Wilde Young Producers or any of South Hill Park’s courses for young people please contact our Associate Director of Learning and Participation, Mark Hooper or our Coordinator of Learning and Participation, Fran Hems.