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Wilde Young Producers

Wilde Young Producers is a new and improved course building on the success of Missed Out – our previous course for young people with an interest in production.

This exciting, free course is targeted at 15-20 year olds with a passion for the arts and events.  The team is full of young creative minds with a keen interest in production, events coordinating and film programming. The group meet fortnightly to plan and create innovative projects that lead towards running South Hill Park’s well established children’s Arts Festival, ‘Wilde Week’.

No prior experience is required to be a part of our team and we are always open to new members.

The course also provides the team with a multitude of opportunities to programme and market films for South Hill Park’s intimate, 60 seater cinema.  Alongside this they learn crucial skills in marketing and budgeting, the team often work with industry professionals to select their film choices for young local audiences.

The Wilde Young Producers will have the opportunity to work in collaboration with various specialists, giving expert advice, as well as the chance to run an established event within the venue. This course encourages teamwork, organisation, self motivation and a passion for the arts.

Coming Up Next For Wilde Young Producers: The team have programmed a screening of The Rocky Horror Picture Show on Fri 1 Nov at 7:30pm. Tickets are £7 for 15-30yrs and are available to purchase online or from the Box Office.


For any queries regarding Wilde Young Producers, or any of South Hill Park’s courses for young people, please contact our Coordinator Learning and Participation Fran Hems.


For any queries regarding any of South Hill Park’s courses for young people, please contact our Associate Director of Learning and Participation, Mark Hooper or our Coordinator of Learning and Participation, Fran Hems.