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An acting debut in Rope 2021

June 10, 2021

Gordon Vince, who will make his acting debut in the Studio Theatre Company’s 50th show celebration performance of Rope from Wed 23 – Sun 26 June, has shared with us what made him want to audition, what audiences can look forward to, and some behind the scenes knowledge.

What made you decide to audition for Rope?
I have always enjoyed going to productions in the Studio Theatre and have often fancied being on the stage and doing it myself. However, I never really got round to doing anything about it – until I saw an email advertising the auditions for Rope. I got in touch with Luke who encouraged me to come along and who like everyone else has made me feel very welcome. I had to learn a monologue of my choosing for the audition and fortunately I was cast.

Tell us about your character and why you’re excited to be playing them
My character is an elderly gentleman – Sir Johnstone Kentley. Although in real life I am older than my character, I certainly don’t feel particularly ‘old’ – so I am trying to walk and talk slower, and I am having great fun pretending to struggle to get out of my chair. I am just worried that when the play is over I will somehow have become Sir Johnstone, and I will be unable to stop acting old! Sir Johnstone receives some worrying news during the play and so it is great trying to change from his normal personality at the start, to a much more worried version mid-play.

What can audiences look forward to in this production?
I am sure that the audiences will enjoy themselves. I wasn’t familiar with the play before so it may well be new to many people. It’s set in the 1920s, and is based on a (spoiler alert) real-life murder. The other actors really bring their characters to life, providing some lovely humorous moments in an otherwise rather dark story.

Everyone has worked hard to get this production ready to stage. I don’t think I had ever appreciated quite how much goes on behind the scenes for a play like this. We have been waiting almost 18 months to get it done so it will be great finally to get started.

So if you’re looking for a thrill this summer and want to support the 50th celebration then Rope is the show to see. You may even be inspired like Gordon to tread the boards too! Book your tickets here.

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  1. Sandra

    I am sure you will be excellent in the role.
    Break a leg!