South Hill Park

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Thank you to our Summer School Bursary Sponsors

August 16, 2019

A heartfelt thank you goes out to our Summer School bursary sponsors, Blackeyed Theatre and Afton Chemical who created smiles and memories for young people attending Summer School this year.

Summer School 2019 boasted over 100 participants between the ages of 6-17. The participants were involved in every aspect of bringing the story of Peter Pan to life and transporting audiences to Neverland.

Some young people took on the responsibility of lighting, sound and stage management whilst others performed in the band or on stage as cast.The whole show is brought together in just two weeks, with lines to learn, choreography to master and timings to be memorised.

During their time at Summer School, young people build their confidence, enhance their communication skills, build resilience, form new friendships, develop new skills and have lots and lots of fun.

For some young people this opportunity is possible only through a supported bursary place.  Our sponsors make this happen, they also help us work towards our goal to make arts accessible for all by removing barriers to participation.

Everyone involved in Summer School and all of us at South Hill Park would like to thank Blackeyed Theatre and Afton Chemicals for making dreams come true at Summer School 2019!