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Audition for the Studio Theatre Company’s ‘Season’s Greetings’

August 15, 2019

Auditions for the Studio Theatre Company.

Season’s Greetings
by Alan Ayckbourn

Directed by Kerry Vincent

Auditions Tue 27 & Thu 29 August 2019 from 7.30pm

Rehearsals will be one or two days a week. To be decided once cast, to work around availability.

Show dates: Wed 4 – Sat 7 Dec 2019, 7.30pm

Christmas has arrived in the Bunker house along with family and friends. But as the children lurk out of sight it’s the adults who let the side down. Cheating at snakes and ladders, fighting over comic books and a bungled infidelity underneath the tree. Season’s Greetings offers a seriously entertaining look at the misery and high jinks of an average family Christmas.

Character information:

Neville – early 30s

Husband of Belinda, Phyllis’s Brother, always busy fiddling with anything mechanical out in his shed.

Belinda – early 30s

Neville’s wife endures a stale marriage, resorting to flapping about the house and constantly dressing the Christmas tree;

Phyllis – late 30s 

Neville’s Sister, Bernard’s Wife. Bernard struggles to support.

Harvey – 60s

Neville and Phyllis’s uncle, a cantankerous man who boasts about “thirty years experience” as a security officer, bemoans the collapse of society whilst himself gorging on TV violence, much to Bernard’s annoyance.

Bernard – 40s

Phyllis’ husband a feeble-spirited doctor, with strong views on non-violence and obsessed with a dismal puppet show for the children.

Rachel – 20s or 30s

Belinda’s sister emotionally fuddled

Eddie – late 20s/early 30s

Neville’s friend, Patties husband. a lacklustre and lazy man who tried to strike out on his own but failed, sucks up to his friend Neville for work.

Pattie – Late 20s/Early 30s

Eddie’s pregnant wife, largely ignored, and can only nag at him and wish she were not having another child

Clive – 20s

Rachel’s ‘Friend’ a writer, in a non-starter of a relationship with Rachel

Auditions will be done in groups and you will be reading segments of the scripts for any more info please contact