South Hill Park

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Seussical – Cast Announced!

December 1, 2016

Hold onto your hats, cats……
…’s introducing the cast of our Easter 2017 production, Seussical!


With scripts all read, sung and danced, we can certainly say the auditions were a blast.  So, without further ado we’re delighted to announce the super talented Seussical cast!

Cat in the Hat – Michael Ayiotis

Horton The Elephant – Bradley Clapson

Mayzie Le Bird – Laura Hartley

Mayzie’s Birds (The Storytellers)
Amy Tickner
Ellie Tidy
Savvy O’Connor
Evie Tocher
Anna Mosthav
Gemah Sanger
Tiffany Cadman
Sophia Diossy

The Wickersham Brothers
Luke Robinson
Clive Elkington
Keir Buist

Gertrude – Faye Timms

Sour Kangaroo – Monica Bakir

Sour Kangaroo Junior/Vlad – Maysie Waddington

Mr Mayor – Gordon Coe

Mrs Mayor – Cat Owens

Jojo – Leo Burke

Jojo – George Oakley

Small Thing 1 – Charlotte Lalonde

Tall Thing 1 – Yasmin Lusein

Small Thing 2 – Annabelle Lalonde

Tall Thing 2 – Honey Holder

The Grinch – Stephen Penstone

The General – Gary Smith

Judge Yertle/Ensemble – Louis Doran

Fillers/Ensemble – Madison Burleigh