South Hill Park

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Bums on Seats Blog – Directing:

July 6, 2015


It’s a pleasure to work on this brilliant play. Written by Michael Snelgrove “Bums” is, as the title suggests, a hilarious take on everyday life working in the theatre.

The “Usherettes” (resting actors) are our guides throughout the evening. They prep the auditorium, introduce us to the theatre folk and tell jokes to keep us laughing the whole night long. Will the actors remember their lines? Will the local Councillors continue to fund the arts in the borough? Will the millionaire theatre sponsor approve of his vegan vol-au-vents?


It’s a great, funny play. Perfect for a summer night, a picnic and a glass of plonk.


Rehearsals are under way. Today we choreographed the entrance of the Mormons and discussed whether the Rabbit really is trying to commit suicide. You know, the usual.




In the coming weeks the outdoor pop up theatre will be constructed in the grounds of South Hill Park. “Bums” is sharing the space with a show called the “History of Everything” in which professional comedian Ben Watson is guiding performing arts community groups through a modern day Magna Carta, celebrating need for free speech and tap dancing.


It’s Sunday night and I’m making a list of things we must remember to do before we open at the end of July. A directors work is never done it seems. That is not until the opening night and by then it’s far too late!


  • Check the schedule.
  • Contact the group leaders.
  • Keep Ron McAllister (CEO) in the loop.
  • Organise a production meeting.
  • Write the marketing blog.
  • Print the posters.
  • Set the rooms up for rehearsal.
  • Direct the play.

**Must remember to direct the play.


I wonder if we’ll pull off this one? Well at least we don’t need a whale to spout on cue like we did for Moby Dick in 2013 to celebrate SHP’s 40th birthday. “Nah! That’ll never happen” they said . . .


Anything is possible.


Do please come along and enjoy the shows. Tell your friends and family to come along too. We have a brilliant arts centre in Bracknell, time to shout about it and show your support!