South Hill Park

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Alice in Wonderland Cast Announced!

June 5, 2015

We are very happy to announce the cast for Alice in Wonderland, our promenade summer show, celebrating the 150th anniversary of this classic story!





Alice 1: Lauren Hutchings
Alice 2: Rea Bailey
White Rabbit: Sophie Todd
Queen of Hearts: Viki Jordan
Cheshire Cat: Huw Mordecai
Caterpillar: Jake Willett
Mad Hatter: Simon Shaw
Tweedledee: Henry Dixon
Tweedle Dum: Tyler Jones
Duchess: Liz Brindley
Doormouse: Kerry Ingram
Sister / 2 of Hearts: Chloe Shepherd
Dodo / 3 of Hearts: Sam Knight
Fairground Stallholder / Playing Card: Tracey Atkinson
Fairground Stallholder / 7 of Hearts: Cat Owens
Fairground Stallholder / Puppeteer 1 for Cheshire Cat: Molly Matthews
Knave of Hearts: Gary Smith
King of Hearts / Uncle in Boat: Bill Heffil
Fairground Stallholder / Playing Card: Vaishali Patel
Caterpillars Legs / Playing Card: Jordan Emmett
Mock Turtle: Chloe Murton
Duck / Door / Tears: Hannah Collman
Mouse / Eat Me / Drink Me / Tears: Marnie Cummings
Fairground Stallholder / Playing Card: Keanne (Annie) Le Moual
Parrot / Door / Tears: Lydia Markham
Caterpillars Legs / Playing Card: Joey Maley
March Hare: Laura Hartley
Fairground Stallholder and Puppeteer 2 for Cheshire Cat: Sarah Bouche de Vitray
Fairground Stallholder and Puppeteer 3 for Cheshire Cat: Sarah Allwright
Family in Rowing Boat / Ensemble: Shelley / Mia and Louie
Eagle / Door/ Tears: Indy

Book your tickets here to come and watch these talented actors as you feast on your picnic, follow the white rabbit down the rabbit hole, play croquet and sing along to live music!