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The BBC PAF Fellowship scheme

We are looking for a Performing Arts fellow

The BBC PAF Fellowship scheme is designed to support individuals through the early stages of their performing arts careers. Covering dance, theatre, music and anything in-between, through this scheme the BBC hopes to identify the next generation of performing arts talent, whether they are directors, choreographers, composers, playwrights, dancers, actors, musicians, producers or any other creative working in the sector.

The PAF Fellowship scheme aims to support individuals through the early stages of their performing arts career; helping them to establish themselves in the professional world through bespoke placements within existing organisations. The PAF Fellowship will lead to an exciting new creative network in the performing arts sector, supported, developed and ready to launch their professional careers.

We want to increase the Fellows’ skills through training and development opportunities tailored to the individual, to raise their aspirations, and to encourage collaboration.

Rather than awarding grants directly to individuals themselves, the BBC are looking for applications from performing arts companies and South Hill Park are applying for Fellowship Funding.

Fellows should be ambitious, willing to take on a challenge and looking for ways to increase their profile and take the next step in their careers.

Please complete the application form found on the right hand side of this page.

For more information:

Please note that even if you are the successful applicant, it does not guarantee that our application for funding will be successful, however, we must appoint a Fellow before we submit the application in order to tailor the placement to your needs, specialities and desired outcomes.

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